Glee – The Music, The Complete Season One (6 CD´s)

29 de novembro de 2010

Glee #1:


Glee #2:


Glee #3:


Glee #4:


Glee #5:


Glee #6:




5 comentários

  1. thanks for your post. but i have problem with track no.9, take a bow, from the first uploaded file. when i tried to extract it was said the file was corrupted. i really hope you could send the correct file to my email.

    • I don´t know nothing about it, here is everything ok, but I will check. Thank you for your comments

  2. thanks for your post. i like this show and also the songs.
    i have problem with first uploaded file on track no.9. when i tried t extract it, it was said that the track corrupted. i hope you could help me with this problem, maybe you could send me to my email the correct file.

  3. i’ve downloaded all files but there’s another problem. from the fourth uploaded files, u can’t touch this track are corrupted. i hope you could send me to my email the correct file. thanks

  4. I had no problem downloading the first 4 files, BUT…when I click on the provided megaupload links for GLEE #5 & GLEE #6 I am redirected to a page with a 404 error message…In other words, the last two links are broken. 😦

    My best friend is a Glee fanatic and she asked me not too long ago if I could somehow get all the songs aired during GLEE Season One. I told her not to hold her breath…until I found your site this morning! 🙂


    If you could pleeeease fix the megaupload links for GLEE #5 and GLEE #6 I would be ever so grateful…and you would make my best friend Judy (who’s had an awful year – the loss of her Mother and both of her dogs) the happiest girl on earth!!! 😀

    Thanks ever so much!

    All the best,
    Zoe May in L.A.

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